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Giuseppe Zamberti, ca. 1930s

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    A 20th century double bass ca. 1930s, attributed to Giuseppe Zamberti, Italy. Spruce top, poplar ribs, beech back, and poplar scroll. A fresh neck graft was completed by BVS in 2020. Constructed using an elegant design that incorporated beautifully sloping shoulders, this bass is fun to play yet, still has a huge, clear tonal center and rich deep sound. Consignment.


    This particular bass was acquired by the current owner in Florence, Italy from Giordano Giuseppe Guglielmi, Principal Bassist in the Florence Philharmonic and the Florence Opera Orchestra. Guglielmi recalls that he bought the bass directly from Zamberti in the early 1950’s. Zamberti had made the bass before World War II and then purchased the bass back from the original owner.


    Zamberti, Giuseppe (1893-1974 Vicenza, Italy). A pupil of Sgarabotto, Zamberti later established himself independently after 1918 in Piccoli, Vicenza. Medals awarded at Florence 1929, Padua 1930-1932, and Cremona 1937. Completed 67 violins, 6 violas, 12 cellos, and 4 double basses on Stradivari-derived model.

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