Morizot Frères, ca. 1935

  • A gorgeous French octagonal pernambuco bow made ca. 1935 in Mirecourt by the Morizot family, stamped L. Morizot. Fine, straight grain pernambuco, mounted with bone tip, nickel winding, and black thumb leather. Frog is ivory fully mounted in siver, with Parisian eye and silver button.


    Beginning in the mid-1930s, five sons of Louis Joseph Morizot's (Père) incorporated as a Morizot family business called Louis Moriot & Fils. With each of the sons specializing in one or two areas of bow making, it has been suggested that Louis Gabriel Morizot was responsible for double bass bows and frogs. Bows from the Morizot workshop are high quality with superb playing characteristics, and are sought after by both players and collectors.