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Tom Goering, 2022

  • A wonderfully crafted German bass bow by Thomas Goering of Topeka, KS. Round stick made from exquisite bloodwood, with Tip Armor tip. Frog is Hunduran rosewood mounted in silver, with pearl slide, and silver/rosewood button.


    In an effort to conserve pernambuco resources, modern bowmakers have begun to identify other woods that can be successfully used to make bows for the string family instruments. Bloodwood is a tropical wood with characteristics physically and visually similar to pernambuco. More importantly, bloodwood is sustainable and is not currently listed on any CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.


    Tom Goering (b. 1957) began making bows in 1989. He has studied bow making and restoration with Mark Hollinger, William Salchow, and David Samuels. From 2001-2005 Tom worked for Jerry Pasewicz in Raleigh, NC and opened his own Topeka shop in 2005.

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