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Chromatic Extensions

BVS offers custom built c-extensions to fit your scroll like a glove. We work with our customers to determine exactly which latch configuration works best for their needs, and we offer  a variety of customization options, such as brass aging, exotic hardwoods, thumb levers, and more! 


BVS Extension

Anzellotti Capos

Custom ebony or hardwood extension body with brass and leather latches. Anzellotti latches are adjustable for both pitch and how tightly they close against the string. In place of the traditional levers that are fixed in place, these allow us to dial in latch function perfectly! Precision machined for years of reliable performance, this is our most affordable extension option.

Prices starting at $1,400

BVS Extension


New Harmony Music Mounts

Custom ebony or hardwood extension body with anodized aluminum mounts and handmade BVS hardwood latches. NHM mounts are adjustable for pitch, lightweight, and offer clean, minimalist design. Our handmade latches can be customized in a variety of exotic hardwoods, such as traditional ebony, ipe, rosewood, cocobolo, purpleheart, and more!

Prices starting at $1,600

2023 extension right_edited.jpg

Extension Gallery

Interested in having an extension installed on your double bass?
Contact us to discuss extension options!

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