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Short -Term Rentals

Is your group playing in or around Greensboro, NC? We regularly work with touring musicians in need of a weekend double bass or amp rental. Give us a call to reserve double bass gear for your tour dates!


Whether you're on stage with a symphony, a jazz trio, or a bluegrass band, we will get your rental set-up for your needs. 


All of our rental basses receive professional in-house set-ups to achieve BVS exacting standards and specifications. 


We have Acustic Image amps, K & K pick-ups, and Fishman pick-ups available to add to your bass rental.

Trunk Rental

David Gage Flight Trunk

Flying with your double bass? We keep a dedicated David Gage flight trunk for customer rentals. This trunk is the industry standard for instrument safety and maneuverability. We offer weekly and monthly rates for trunk rentals.


Ready to Rent? Have more questions? Get in Touch!

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