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Long -Term & Student Rentals

Renting* is an affordable and easy option when you're new to the world of the double bass. We are here to help you navigate the rental process, and foster what we hope will become a lifelong love for music.


Basses come in a range of sizes, and we can help any player find the right fit. If you outgrow your bass, you may trade in  for a different sized rental. Based on availability, we stock rentals in sizes 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4. 


We have strings for every style of playing. Whether you play only pizzacato, arco, or both, we will set-up your rental bass with the strings best-suited to your needs. 


All of our rental basses receive professional in-house set-ups to achieve BVS exacting standards and specifications. Lease terms include regular check-ups and maintenance. 

Auto - Pay

Monthly rentals are competitvely priced. We accept all major credit cards, and have an easy and safe auto-draft option for monthly payments.  


Bassists who use a bow have two options called French and German. The differences are in the size and shape of the frogs, and how they are held. If you have teacher, have a conversation about how to choose. Otherwise, we can help!


All rentals accrue credit for use towards the purchase of a new BVS bass. Please inquire for details. 

*Long-term rentals are only available to customers within our region. Please inquire if service is available to your locality.


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