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ISB 2021 Build-a bass

$22,000.00 Regular Price
$20,000.00Sale Price

    A fantastic instrument made for the International Society of Bassists 'Build-a-Bass' sweepstakes! For those not familiar, this event is used as a fundraiser for the ISB organization and each component of the instrument is made by an outstanding member of the bass making world. If this isn't a who's who list, then we don't know what would be:


    Top: Joey Naeger

    Back: Mitch Moehring

    Ribs: Trevor Davis

    Neck/scroll: Paul Hart

    Varnish: Christian Pedersen

    Extension: David Briggs

    Set-up: Evan Davenport


    This bass is lovely to look at and to play. In addition to building the rib structure, Trevor Davis completed the final box work, edges work, and purfling. It features a fine grain spruce top, maple flatback and ribs with light birdseye figure, a maple neck, and a birdseye maple scroll. This bass is lively and punchy, with excellent fundamental. If you're looking for a killer deal on a beautifully made bass, come take it for a spin!


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