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Paul Mangenot, ca. 1900

  • A 3/4 size bass by Paul Mangenot in Mirecourt, France ca. 1900. This is a  very comfortable model with sloping shoulders. It features a spruce top paired with maple roundback, ribs, and neck/scroll. A scroll graft was completed by Bill Merchant in New York, and a neck reset, new fingerboard, and new adjustable bridge completed at the Bass Violin Shop in 2024. This bass is branded internally with the P. Mangenot stamp, and also carries the Tournier inventory number stamped at the button. Consignment.


    Paul Mangenot (1862 – 1942) apprenticed with Paul Bailly before going on to work at some of the most important French violin making workshops of the time. He worked in Lille at the workshop of Joseph Pierre Hel, and in Paris at the renowned violin workshop of Charles Jean Baptiste Collin-Mezin. Mangenot moved back to Mirecourt in 1888 where he set up his workshop located at 24, Faubourg Saint Vincent.


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